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How to Remove a Scratch from a Stainless Steel Door

green-clean-refrigerator-whirlpool_4930d743d241a26f89ffd096238aa10e_3x2_jpg_300x200_q85Unfortunately, deep scratches in stainless steel appliances will not be removable without the help of a
qualified professional. However, small surface scratches are preventable with proper maintenance and cleaning, but be careful how you clean! Sometimes scratches can be made by excessive cleaning or by using harsh cleaner. If you have a surface scratch on stainless  this old remedy works great.

  1. Place a small amount of baby oil on the surface of a clean
  2. Gently wipe the rag across the scratch, moving same direction of
    steel surface (usually horizontal).
  3. Gently wipe away the oil with a paper
  4. Apply wd40 a small amount on to a dry paper towel.
  5. Gently wipe the scratch again same direction of grain.
  6. Gently rub a dry dishwashing scour pad across the scratch again going with the grain of the stainless.
  7. Use only nylon -based scouring pads. Do not apply too much pressure, and only
    buff area of the scratch.
  8. Wipe the area off with a dry cloth.


When in doubt, always call a professional!


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