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Parts and Service 1“I work behind the counter in an Appliance store.
Sometimes I’m called a genius, sometimes I’m called much more.
I claim I’m no technician, yet when your appliances get sick
the customer comes and ask me what makes this thing tick.
I’m supposed to know the number of bolts and nuts and gears of every appliance that was ever built for over fifty years.
I’m an engineer and machinist and what not, Oh my Lord,
I’m supposed to be Edison combined with Henry Ford.
But life would be a pleasure and I would grin from ear to ear,
If the customer would only tell me


Parts and service 2

Here at TA Appliance we stock over 300000 thousand parts and have access to well over a million parts! We draw our parts for suppliers all over Canada and the United States. We pride ourselves on delivering the required parts as quickly as humanly possible. We research every part and service inquiry in detail to insure that we get what you need quickly and efficiently. Every single part is referenced by your model and serial number, this is how we research your request.

Parts and service 3

The next time your appliances are acting up, give us a call and we’d be happy to help. If you have your make and model ready, it would make your experience with us more efficient for all. Check us out anytime on our website Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, for more of the TA Appliance Experience!

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