The Quiet Kitchen

I have been in the industry for 5 years and the question I hear the most would have to be “Is it quiet?” This tends to be the most important feature to consumers when it comes to dishwashers and hood fans. It is surprising that above function and durability, that low noise levels are the most sought after features. Luckily most of the products in today’s market have low sound ratings and also happen to perform well and last a long time.

 LG Kitchen


Now you have bought a silent dishwasher and whisper quiet range hood, and all you can hear is your fridge! Almost all refrigerators on the market are using a single speed rotary compressor. This type of compressor spins in a circular motion and for the most part has 2 speeds…ON and OFF. This style can cause a lot of noise, especially after a year or two of operation. When it starts, it is at full speed and stops hard (like your car going 100kmph and then coming to a stop and turning off. Rotary compressors are not the most durable or energy efficient. Discover more about LG products on their website or, shop LG at TA Appliances



LG Electronics has another amazing innovation that will solve this issue. Two words…LINEAR COMPRESSOR. What does that even mean? Well LG’s Linear Compressor is a piston like compressor that is variable speed. It turns on and off gradually, so there is less strain on the compessor and it generates very little noise. LG’s Linear Compressor is also very efficient. If your fridge only needs to cool down a little, it can operate at 20-30%. I highly recommend purchasing one of the many LG models with this feature. I did and I am extremely happy with my purchase!

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Clint has over 5 years of experience in the appliance industry. Coming from a strong sales background, his product knowledge is among the strongest in the industry. Clint specializes in working closely with new home builders in the industry but is always available in-store to help all customers with all of their needs. Contact Clint anytime at cwilliams[at]taappliance[dot]com

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