Where do you put the microwave??

KB6014MSC_3Location, location, location!  In these busy times, we all LOVE our microwaves…. but sometimes we are forced to put them where we don’t want to and end up losing valuable counter space, or having to spend more money on over-the-range models.   With over-the-range models you also may be sacrificing your venting quality.  Grease and vapour that comes from cooking, has to go somewhere and if it is not extracted properly, well, that is another topic….


Don’t worry, there are more options! The latest option for consumers is the Microwave drawer.  With innovative thinking, manufacturers have developed the ultimate space saver. It allows you to clear your countertops and hide your microwave from view by fitting effortlessly within your cabinets. Not only will your microwave be off the counter, it will be at a convenient height for all.   The microwave drawer also gives you the convenience of not having to take the dish out of the microwave to check your food!  There are many inexpensive options for you to choose from, you can check out these options on the Sharp website, here.

If you’re looking for a new microwave for your home, consider the Microwave Drawer as an option. Come into TA Appliance in Kitchener – I’d be happy to show you all of the features and help you make the right decision for you and your family. Email me anytime at dbrubacher[at]taappliance[dot]com.

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Darlene has over 7 years of retail sales experience with knowledge in appliances, furniture, and décor. She has earned her Interior Decorator Certification from ICS Canada and is currently enrolled at Conestoga College to learn Kitchen and Bath design. She always puts customers’ needs first and takes pride in being able to show customers new products that can improve their lifestyle.

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