The Importance of Measuring

 Your time is valuable to you and as such, we here at TA Appliance want to help make sure it’s being used efficiently.  As an appliance sales associate for over 8 years, there’s one thing that people overlook over and over again when stopping by a store for their new kitchen package.  They always forget to measure. 



With all the different fridge configurations there are out there these days, it’s important to realize what space requirements are needed and more importantly, what space you have to work with.  There’s nothing worse than packing up the family on your day off and heading out to a store with the intention of making some final decisions about your appliances, only to be asked by the salesperson about the height you have under your cabinet.  Without the information, you’re dead in the water and can’t really focus on what models work best for you because you’re unable to narrow down choices. 


Samsung FridgeOne style of fridge that is becoming increasingly popular is referred to as the “counter depth” fridge and what this means is that the body of the fridge shares the same depth as our countertop, which is usually 26 inches. This type of fridge is usually pretty tall, but not always and suffers from a lack of interior space due to it’s reduced depth.  What it does do very well is offer a solution to people where space is at a premium because of narrow kitchens or islands positioned in front of their fridge.  The result is nice, clean flush kitchen where the fridge no longer sticks out 4 inches away from the counter top.  Europeans love this style of fridge for it’s style and space saving properties.

 So next time you find yourself in the market for new appliances, and more specifically a fridge, don’t forget to grab a tape measure and write down the height, width and depth you have to work with.  This way we can make sure we get you the best solutions the first time out, leaving you time to conquer the rest of your busy day!

About Tom Mcleod
Tom Mcleod has earned his expertise through being in the major appliance industry for the last 8 years.  He prides himself on his ability to help customers find the right appliance. He believes the only way to truly do that is to know your product.  Once you show a customer all the ins and outs of an appliance, they can decide whether or not it best fits their needs. Contact Tom at TA at tmcleod[at] or fill out the form below.


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